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Top 3 Animals With Scary Teeth You Need To Know

Hello, I will like to inform you about some animals with dangerous and scary teeth you will be afraid off after seeing them.

1. Sea Lizard Fish

Lizard fish are marine fish of the family synodontidae, they are animal that live in a shallow coastal water with a deepness of 400m.

Sea Lizard Fish are mostly found in the western atlantic ocean.

2. Sand Tiger Shark

The Sand Tiger shark is another species of shark that are found in a subtropical waters, they lives in shelf made from sandy shorelines.

They are mostly found in the ocean of Japan, Australia, South Africa and the east coasts of North and South America.

Sand Tiger Shark

3.Goblin Shark

The goblin shark is a rare species of deep-sea shark, they are dangerous also their teeth look scary.

Goblin shark feeds mainly on fishes such as rattails and small dragon fishes, it was recorded that July 2014, a goblin shark was found in a fishery net in Sri Lanka.

The Goblin Shark

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