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15 Uncommon Animal pictures

Animals are also living being, they own a life and live it with nature. Unlike humans, animals are crude, less intelligent and couldn't use spoken language to communicate. Animals are of different types, the terrestrial ones that dwell on land, the aquatic creatures that live in the sea and the birds the fly in the sky.

Some of these animals due to their own feeble status they can peacefully live admist humans, they get love and a hospitable abode at home. This set of animals are called the domestic animals, on the other hand some animals are so ferocious and dangerous that they have to dwell in the thick forest far away from men this creatures are tagged wild animals

Wild animals can easily prey on the weak domestic ones when there is an ecounter and the domestic ones run away from them, they can never co-exist. Even some home animals Don't like themselves, but here are some emotional and unusual pictures of animals of different species and status playing together.

Where there is love, the impossible become possible

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