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Can I Call This Misplacement Of Affection?

I don't belong to the school of thought which suggests that the world is going bad. The thought that the world is coming to an end because of how some people are living their lives is strange to me. I am the type that believes that people should be allowed to live their lives freely. Interfering in people's lives to me, is the biggest crime against humanity. This freedom of human beings that I crave for includes affection. I believe that people should be allowed to choose their loved ones no matter what.

However, one thing that remain strange to me is the misplacement of these right that I wish people enjoy. Many people have misused this freedom to live the way they want. No matter how free we are in living our lives, we should add a little bit of discipline to it. Self-discipline should not elude us no matter the freedom. We should not abuse the freedom to live our lives. Our lives must, and should be meaningfully, and strategically positioned to serve as a teacher to younger generation. It hurt me so much when I see people living their lives as if no one is watching them. If no one is questioning you because of the availability of freedom in the world, didn't you know that people are learning from you? What about your children, are they not learning from you? If you have not gotten any child yet, what about those children around you?

I came across the pictures below, and I decided to bring it up here, so that we can have a discussion about the freedom to live our lives the way we like. The current affectionate relationships between people and their pet-animals like dogs are not going down well with me as a person. Situation where people are rightly kissing their dog without second thoughts is demonic to me. No matter our love for pets, allowing them to take the place of human beings is a strange thing to do as far as am concerned. See the photos that got me angry below:

Haven seen the above photos, I expect you to say one or two things about how we are enjoying the freedom to live our lives without interference from anyone.

Use the comment box below to air your own view on this.

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