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See why airplanes are made to look like birds and why ships are made to look like fishes.

We have noticed that airplanes are structured and built to look like birds while ships are structured to look like fishes.

But do you really know why? Have you figured out the arithmetics applied there?

Why are airplanes structured to look like birds.

Airplanes resembles birds so much that the only difference among them is that airplanes don't flap its wings like birds do.

Birds fly freely in the sky. They fly without struggles therefore anything that will move freely in the sky ought to look like birds. It is a common equation that was applied by engineers to construct an airplane. If you have observed; an airplane looks exactly like a bird.

Both have wings. Both have big stomach. Both have tail.

Birds are streamlined, so an airplane is also streamlined to decrease air resistance thereby making airplanes to move more freely in the sky.

Why Ships are made to look like fishes.

No matter how a ship or boat is decorated. It will end up looking like a fish. They are not just structured anyhow. They are purposely made to look like fishes in water bodies.

The common equation applied by engineers while constructing a ship is-

Fishes live in water and they do not have any difficulties wallowing in the water. They can travel as far as they want to without water resistance therefore anything that will move freely in water must resemble a fish.

The shape of fishes allows them to move freely in water therefore if a ship should move freely in water. It has to be structured to look like a fish.

That's the common intelligence used while structuring an airplane and a ship.

Another amazing correlation between fishes, ships, birds and airplanes is that they all look like.

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