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Coronavirus: dogs trained to identify patients

In Chile dogs could soon be detected carriers of the coronavirus thanks to the variety of their perspiration. The Chilean national police, the Carabineros and specialists from the Catholic University of Chile have set up this program to detect the presence of the virus. Police say three golden retrievers and a 4-5 year-old labrador have been used to search for drugs, explosives or missing persons.

According to Fernando Mardones , professor of veterinary epidemiology " The virus does not smell, it is rather the infection which generates changes in metabolism" which explains the change in the variety of perspiration which will be spotted by the dog. Dogs have 330 million olfactory sensors and a better ability to spot odors than humans.

Dogs are capable of detecting diseases

According to Professor Fernando Mardones , dogs can detect diseases such as tuberculosis, parasitic infections and even some early stages of cancer. The animals concerned had started their training a month ago. They are practicing sweat samples from covid-19 patients at the clinic of the Catholic University of Chile. The specialists wanted the dogs to be functional by August. They will certainly be released in places such as stations, airports or dispensaries.

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