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See The Top Official Position In The World That Can Only Be Held By A Cat

The term 'Mouser' refers to cats that are kept mainly for the purpose of killing mice and ensuring the eradication of rodents within a vicinity.

The chief mouser to the cabinet office is the title of the official resident Cat of the Prime Minister of Britain. There has been a resident cat in the English government employed as a mouser and pet since the 1500s.

The British government started employing mousers during the reign of King Henry VIII.

The cat started receiving small weekly payments for its services, and the tradition continued to this day.

The most esteemed title a cat can obtain while being employed by the British Royal Government is the Chief mouser to the cabinet office. The Chief mouser to the cabinet office resides at 10 Downing street and serves as an official mouser to the residence of the British prime minister.

The Chief mouser on patrol

In February 2011, then prime minister David Cameron adopted a tabby cat from Cats home to help control 10 Downing street's rodent population. The shelter recommended Larry based on his "bold, sociable and confident nature," and currently, besides rat hunting, Larry spends his days greeting guests to the house, inspecting security defenses, and testing antique furniture for napping quality. Ever since receiving this esteemed position of the Chief mouser to the cabinet office of Britain, the first Downing street cat to carry the title - Larry has outlasted David Cameron and Prime Minister Theresa May, he he had scuffles with his nemesis Palmerston and is most notable for causing a security issue for Donald Trump.

However it's still uncertain if New Prime Minister Boris Boris Johnson will still keep Larry around or possibly replace him with a dog.

Larry is also notable for scratching a journalist on his first day in office as the Chief Mouser.

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