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Meet Clifford, The Dog They Claim Can Detect Corona Virus From Sweat Samples.

Check out inventions made, from the light bulbs to Skyscrapers, you'd believe humans were indeed made perfectly by God.

Everyday, we(humans) advance in knowledge and we try to give out and coach other creatures(animals) that have that ability to learn do what human can and cannot do.

Lately I've been giving updates on the deadly Covid-19, and the latest news is that there is finally a breakthrough. Scientist found out that the blood of an illama could actually cure the deadly virus. Check out my articles.

Today as I was still trying to look for updates on the virus and I stumbled on a picture/ post that claimed that a dog named Clifford could actually detect the deadly Corona Virus from sweat of an infected person.

Check out the pictures of Clifford.

Here's what BBC NEWS said.

"He's one of the dogs being taught to detect if people are infected with coronavirus by the Chilean Police Canine Training team. Until now, Clifford's job has been to sniff out illicit drugs, explosives and lost people. He's now putting his nose to use to try and identify the possible presence of the virus by smelling sweat samples taken from subjects who were infected with Covid-19. The scheme follows similar training programmes in other countries like the UK and France"

Do you think Nigerian Dogs could do something similar?

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