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How man apologized to a parade of Elephants after annoying them

No one would have done better than this Thai man in Thailand… He humbly apologized with a wai (traditional gesture) when he found out that his bike angered this herd of Jumbos in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand.

… and he survived!

He was among the fortunate few who came face-to-face with the jumbos and escaped unscratched, while many cars have been damaged and some curious ones who came out of the vehicles to snap the photos- killed.

Elephants are known to be quite peaceful animals, but they can become aggressive and dangerous if they feel threatened. Most elephants in musth tend to be very aggressive because of a surge in testosterone levels which could result in fits of rage and violence towards humans.

Below are some facts about elephants;

1. Elephants are the largest land animal and can way about 7500kg.

2. African elephants are one of the endangered species which are poached by humans because of their ivory tusks.

3. They have the ability to smell water miles away.

4. They also mourn and bury their loved ones.

5. Their Gestation period is usually within the range of 18-22months.

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