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See The Houses That People Build For Their Chicken In America, They Will Make You Jealous (48 Pics)

Hello readers! it's entertainment time, permit me to entertain you with these photos of animal houses from around the world, poultry houses to be specific. These are the kind of house that some people in America use to rear their chicken:

It appears some animals have very funny and creative owners. These their owners take very good care of them and even treat them as if they are some kind of VIP or rather VIA (Very Important Animals). Their owners go as far as building "extravagant" pen houses for them, these pen houses look so cool you would think they are pictures from the pages of kid's storybook.

Comedy: this is just to give you a glimpse of the kind of beautiful houses you will be living in, that is if you were a hen or chicken abroad. Haha

This is a compilation of funny but creative pen houses that people built for their chicken abroad. This Americans always have a way of amusing us, they value things no matter how small and insignificant it may seem.

I bet you, you would not find anything like this in Africa, why? Probably because we are always occupied and we always have more important things to do. Things like this do not catch our fancy because of our lifestyle and the condition of things around us.

Check out the beautiful poultry houses below, and be careful because you might get jealous:

These Americans seem to have enough time, they pay attention to every detail and nuance. And I must admit that it has a way or benefiting them. Paying attention to little and insignificant things can lead you to important discoveries. Let me give you an example of how great discoveries have been made through things that seemed completely irrelevant.

> The Archimedes' Princple ( Floatation)

Archimedes is an ancient Greek mathematician who discovered the law of floatation. He was just going to take his bath, when he entered into his bathtub he noticed that the level of the water increased. That is to say that his weight caused the level of the water in the bathtub to rise. He immediately jumped out naked, shouting Eureka! Eureka! which means "I have found it".

Today we are able to build ships that float on water because of this "insignificant" discovery. You cannot even study any science course in any university in the world without learning this principle.

See more photos below:

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