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10 Stunning Pictures Of Death Defying Behavior

What is it within us human beings that allows us to willing risk our lives and try and attain the seemingly impossible? We seem to be the only sentient and fully conscious beings on our planet and we understand the value and miracle of life, but we never stop ourselves from aiming for something risky just because there is some glory to attain! We are complex creatures that are capable of achieving anything we put our mind to and that is why we will never stop pushing the boundaries of our own possibilities. This list features 10 stunning pictures of people putting their lives on the line and taking on some death-defying feats.

A Walk To Remember

This person might not really be able to enjoy the view from up there, but he must sure have a story to tell after he finishes that walk.

Hanging Around

Ever simply hung off a skyscraper? Me neither, but apparently some people do those sort of things.

Keep Going

This person seems to trying to reach the highest point in this city for some reason and he is not afraid of taking the long route.

Stretching At The Edge

Stretching your body and doing yoga is extremely beneficial. Doing so at the edge of a building is just plain extreme!

Edge Of Your Feet

I have no idea where these people are going, but it can’t be a Starbucks for sure!

Hang Time

While some people like to enjoy the nightlife in a city, this man likes to hang ten at night!

Circus Daredevils

Not all circus acts are cute and funny. Some can be outright frightening like this one from South America.

Couple On A Cliff

Those dots by the side of the cliff aren’t maverick animals! They are in fact maverick human beings.

Scaling The Ice

A lot of people are afraid that a massive block of ice such as this one might tumble onto them. This person seems to be taking the fight straight to the ice.

Extreme Camping

Camping is supposed to be a relaxing activity, unless of course you are hanging off the side of a cliff.

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