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This Cat may be Richer than You, Meet Grumpy the richest Cat in the World

Tardar Sauce popularly known as the Grumpy Cat is the richest Cat in the world. It was nicknamed grumpy due to its perchance for frowning and looking grumpy all the time. It was an Internet Celebrity cat that made it's money from Memes and lots of Adverts.

It's networth is over $100,000 US Dollars, this means that it is definitely Richer that most people in the world. It was even wealthier than its owners.

(The Grumpy cat doing what he knows how to do best: Frown!!!)

The Grumpy Cat was also the most popular Cat in the world with over:

1. 8.3 million total likes on Facebook.

2. 2.6 million followers on Instagram.

3. 1.5 million Twitter followers

4. 283,000 subscribers on YouTube .

Unfortunately it died at the age of 7 on the 14th of May, 2019.

Below are more photos of the World's richest Cat Grumpy posing for a photoshoot:

(Grumpy the Cat posing for an Ad)

(The world richest Cat Grumpy posing for a Christmas-themed end of the year photoshoot)

(The grumpy cat rocking a black baseball cap)

It's really a pity that this wonderful cat is nomore (dead) . Americans, Nigerians and people from different parts of the world really enjoyed internet memes that were made using the photos of this grumpy little. Good bye to you dear little cat.

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