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Pet cat named Simba scares away four-tonne elephant wandering in its garden

The 35-year-old elephant, knows as Pai Salick, can be seen wandering into the garden of the cat's proprietor before he is chased by the three-year-old kitty, named Simba

A long way from getting away from the gigantic monster - which is fit for slaughtering a human with a step in advance - the cat is seen facing him. 

Scared by the cat's obviously unflinching purpose to watch his proprietor's garden, Pai is caught pivoting and escaping void trunked. 

Inhabitants said the elephant is a "irritation" known for stomping all over individuals' garden looking for food. 

Pai the elephant  

Nearby park officer Amnat Norasin stated: ''The elephant lives in the timberland however he frequently strolls around the homes around evening time to search for food. Individuals know what his identity is. 

"The house proprietor said his feline is forceful and doesn't care for different creatures entering his domain.''

An expected 2,000 elephants are living in the wild in Thailand and a comparable number in bondage. In the wild, they wander through the profound wilderness and in the nation's ensured public parks. 

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Amnat Norasin Pai Pai Salick Simba


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