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Why You Should Invest In A Rabbit Farm Instead Of Poultry Farm

An average rabbit weighs 5-8 Ibs, while poultry birds in a significant length of time, gain an average weight between 80-90 grams per day to reach target weights in a 38 to 42 day period.

There are about 305 breeds of rabbit, with distinguishing characteristics. Not all breeds of rabbit are for commercial purpose, some are kept as pets. Some of the breeds for commercial purpose are; New Zealand White, California white, Dutch, Chinchilla, etc. It is very exciting to know that these sets of breeds can be cross-bred to have another breed with better characteristics.

Venturing into rabbit farming is a very good business because, rabbit farming is very easy and cheap. I highly recommend starting a rabbit farm with the New Zealand breed, it is the best for commercial and grows very fast. It can have a weight of 3kg within 12 to 14 weeks and 5kg at maturity. But also, cross-breeding it with another breed with stronger characteristics will also be better.

Why you should farm on rabbits.

It Is Very Cheap And Easy

It is because rearing these rabbits is so cheap and easy, that is why it is a successful business. Many people have ventured into the poultry farm that there are a lot of competitors in that line of business, and that is why it is yet successful but difficult and risky. Not just anybody can start up a poultry farm, you must be experienced in that line before you do so. But unlike rabbit farming, there are a few people in that line of business, and you must not have an experience before you can start the business.

Rabbits eats wastes which makes the business cheap. They eat hay (dried grass) and even fresh ones, they eat yam peels, cassava peels, vegetables, fruits and they could be wastes. They also eat poultry feeds, you can feed them this in small quantity if you want or not.

Rabbits Multiplies Fast

You can actually start small, depending on your capital and vision. You can start with 10 female rabbits or even 5 female rabbits. To surprise you, those 5 female rabbits have the tendency of multiplying into 30 or more rabbits in a space of 2-3 months. For instance, if you buy 5 pregnant does (female rabbit), an average number of rabbits a doe can give birth to is 7, if those 5 rabbits gives birth each to 7 rabbits that should be 30 rabbits plus your 5 does, 35 rabbits in just a month. It takes a doe a month to conceive and give birth. And it can still get pregnant after 24-hours of giving birth under a favorable condition.

Rabbits Mature Very Fast

It takes a bunny (baby rabbit) 5-6 months to get to maturity. For a female rabbit, at this stage, she could get pregnant and give birth in a month time which takes the bunnies another 5-6 months to mature. Meanwhile the doe nurtures her bunny for 2-3 months.

If you want to produce 4 litters a year, you should breed the doe after her young are no longer been bred at 8 weeks. If it is 5 litters you want to produce a year, then you have to breed the doe 6 weeks after kindling.

Rabbit's Meat Is Highly Nutritious

The rabbit meat has high nutritional value. Amount per 100grams-(173 calories), it contains fat, saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, sugar, protein, caffeine, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, vitamin D, vitamin B-6, colobanim and magnesium.

Characteristics Of Rabbits

I recommend the New Zealand white breed for farming because of its characteristics. The rabbit is white in colour and large with broad shoulders, it weighs an average of 4-5kg which is 9-12Ibs and have high diseases resistance.

Housing System

It has 3 types of cage/litre system: standing hutches, stacked cages and suspended cages with barn cover which are relatively cheap ones and easy to clean except for the stacked cages that is expensive. The cage you choose depends on the size of your business.

Their Lifestyle

It is important to know that rabbits are friendly animals to humans just like cats and dogs. Note that rabbit is a territorial animal, hence you should separate them to create territoriality. You cannot keep 2 bucks (male rabbit) together, they will fight themselves.

It is important to note that they create and share bond from birth, therefore in order to allow the buck mate the doe as at when due, you have to separate them, else, the buck will be unable to mate the doe.

High Sale Rate

Since there are no much manufacturers in this line of business and no or less competitor, you tend to make great sales. And it is something different from what we eat all time, it will really be demanded for, and you can sell at high rate depending on where you site your location as its a factor that also determines the success rate of your business.

Please before you venture into this business, you must consider where you site your business, your forecasted demand and target market.

Content created and supplied by: AmadiEmjay (via Opera News )

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