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How To Rear Chicks Like A Pro

Some people like rearing chicks but they don't know how to rear chicks because there are a lot of problems you will encounter while trying to rear chicks, especially at that stage. Some chicks die if they are not properly treated or because of the cold weather condition or because of some predators that prey on them.

 I will teach you how to rears chicks -be it of different species - and save it from dying. To rear your chicks, you will need


 Izal Antiseptic 


 Charcoal and

  Metal bowl


How To Use

Before putting your chicks in the cage, take your sawdust and add little quantity of Izal Antiseptic and Kerosene and mix together. Then pour the sawdust on the floor of the cage and spread all over the floor and put the chicks inside. This will prevent snakes, reptile or prey from preying on the chicks. 

  If the weather is too cold and you don't have a heat generator or incubator, you can put some charcoal in a metal bowl and ignite. Then put it inside the cage and place it far from the chicks; this will serve as a heat generator to save the chicks from cold weather. This method is easy and cheap.

 To save money spent on buying chicks feeds like grower's mash, some poultry farmers buy dried corn snack waste mixed with crayfish. You can also mix corn snack waste with the grower's mash. This is very economically and helps you save your money.

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