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Don't be ignorant, bushbaby are lovely little animals

When we were kids,we were told this unreal stories of a baby at night that usually cry and kill it victim. Now I did my study and found out that the baby, we were scared of was actually known as galagos or bushbaby (night monkey) because it usually come out at night, they are also primates,they make sound similar to crying hence their name bushbaby,they have large making them to see very well at night, strong hind limbs, acute hearing, and long tails that help them balance,ears like bats that help them catch insect in addition they are fast and lives mostly in bushes.

  They eat small animals,insect and plants, because they lives in bushes they can jump very well from tree to tree, looking for prey to catch. The population of this wonderful animals have reduced because of humans building houses and myths that bushbabies even kidnap and kill their victims. So when you see galagos don't kill them they are sweet lovely creatures.

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