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Meet Meleya, The 3year Old Who Was Abandoned By Her Parents And Was Raised By Dogs.

Who hasn't pretended to be a dog when they where a child?? But for Catana Melaya, this was her reality for over 5 years. Now, unlike a whole lot of fantasy stories, she wasn't lost in the woods and raised by dogs but rather, her parents abandoned her when she was just 3 years old. Even worse, they left her in Kernels and forced her to survive there without any help.

Fast forward 5ywars and someone finally noticed that there was a young girl literally living with a Kernel of dogs. When they tried to communicate with her though, she didn't understand them. Instead, she talked in barks and walked on all fours and even moved in non standard ways like dogs do.

Melaya was taken from the Kernel and then was thought how to be human again but, the damage had already been done. She's about 32 years old now and still has mental issues because of her time spent with the dogs and lives in an institution, but she's getting better everyday.

How touching is this story?? 

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