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Why You Should Not Hiss When Bird Defecate on You

From inception of the world,the birds through their instinct had figured out ways to manage their waste without stress unlike human that is so concern about proper waste management,particularly their faeces. Fortunately,human are able to use their sound intellect to think and build a suitable water closet system.

How do you feel when birds dropping fall on your clothes,hair or car? I guess it sound unpleasant. You will agree with me that bird's poops or defecation does not only leave a stain on our clothing when hanged on line and other belongs but the awful smell perceived.

It is an unexpected,random occurrence and no one could ever predict or have control over it. It is even more annoying when a bird poop falls on your beautiful,well ironed shirt ,dressed for an important occasion; perhaps an interview.

Yes! If my guess is right,it is better imagine than to experience it. This is the main reason behind this write up. When I say bird's poop is actually a symbol of good luck in disguise,believe me it is true. This is because it happens to me and the outcome of the interview was very good not because I prepared very well but it is share luck.

However,I had thought that it was a kind of superstition, so whenever I sit on the couch and watch it displayed on television screen as always, I laugh out loud.

We need to understand at this point that we live in a mythical world and birds been mythical creatures of God,possess the ability to spread their wings and fly across the sky. When they defecate on you,nature allows it and God will in turn brings you good luck.

More so,when next you experience any of such. Please,smile and expect the best. Do not forget the saying,that in everything give thanks.

Thanks for your time and do not hesitate to comment,like and share. Have a great day ahead.

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