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Worried Owners Protect Pets From Coronavirus By Making Them Wear Masks

We all know that not only us but our beloved pets too can get infected by the dangerous novel coronavirus. As consequences to this, some people might react by killing their infected pets but luckily, kindness still exists in the world.

Pets are always a blessing to us humans. We love them so much that we take them as our family and never going to let anything bad happen to them – just like these pet owners who are trying their best to protect their pets from the coronavirus.

As hilarious as it looks, the owner actually willing to go an extra length in order to protect their furry friends from the deadly virus.

Credit: QQ

Believed to be taken in China as it was first shared on Weibo, the picture shows how pet owner trying their best to protect their pets by making them wear masks too. Unfortunately, the surgical masks for cats are not available yet and the available mask for the human is too big for a cat’s face.

So what the pet owners do is carefully cut out two holes on the mask for the cat’s eyes.

Credit: QQ

There is also a pet owner who attempts to make the pet wears some kind of modified quarantine clothing together with a human surgical mask to protect them.

Credit: QQ

As adorable as it looks, animals do not have a uniform face like human so it will actually make them feel uncomfortable if you’re trying to make them wear the masks as we do.

Credit: QQ

Fortunately, currently there is no new evidence that cats and dogs will get infected by the Wuhan coronavirus so pet owners don’t have to stay in a panic state. However, make sure to always get your pets checked at the vet when they are not feeling well or showing any signs of sickness.

All precautionary measures count!

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