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Meet 5 Girls raised by Animals, the Real Tarzan

Life is often unfair for some people. Living in the midst of society and family expect to get the same treatment as a child who grew up and grow up.

The difference is in the 5 girls, being treated by animals to become wild children, as the real story was captured by a photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten from Germany with the name Feral Childern.

** the form of these girls after years of living and being cared for by animals, not humans:**

**Lobo Wolf Girls, Mexico 1845-1852** *Lobo is a girl who lives in the forest in foster care since childhood by a group of wolves, it is unusual what Lobo plays like a wolf, while running, and while pouncing on a prey like a ferocious wolf.**Kamala and Amala, India 1920** Both of these little girls are found by a hunter in a cave in the middle of a forest with a bunch of savage wolves. Kamala is 12 years old and Amala is 8 years old. Time saved but both can not survive outside the forest, Amala died a year after being rescued, while Kamala catch up due to kidney failure.* ![image](Marina Chapman, Colombia 1959** *A little 5-year-old girl kidnapped in a jungle, Marina finds a group of monkeys who nurture and teach her to survive. within 5 years Marina found and returned to her parents. Who always remembered Marina when she was sick mother of monkeys always provide water in the forest, with a short body Marina was immediately healthy.

**Oxana Malaya, Ukraina 1991** *A girl who lived with dogs in a dog cage since the age of 8 years. Both parents are liquor addicts, and Oxana is discharged in a cage with her pet dog for about 6 years.

***Madina, Russia 2013** *; In the modern era in the parent's father's parents both go away, while the mother addicted liquor, making Madina must live and be cared for by the dog in his own home. What Madina did was like a dog, until what the dog ate was also the food of this little girl.From 5 stories of girls who really real in foster and raise by this animal like a Tarzan movie, open our hearts, to better care for our children, whatever happens they should not be abandoned, this is a valuable lesson for We all.

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