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Photos of 5 Unique And Interesting Sea Creatures

71% of the Earth's surface is blanketed with oceans and seas which have their own ecosystem involving fishes, crabs, corals, shrimps, etc. The shapes, sizes, colours, and features of these aquatic animals are completely different from what we see here on land.

Here are some of the most unique and interesting aquatic animals you can encounter out there. 

The Frilled Shark

The Frilled Shark is one of the most terrifying creatures that roam the ocean floor. They are rare to be found and there is not a lot of documented information about them. They are usually found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and can swallow prey double their sizes due to their wide jaws.

The Snapping Shrimp

The Snapping Shrimp might be a small creature with a length of only 1-2 inches, but it is one of the loudest creatures in the world. Usually found in tropical seas, these small creatures can snap their claws and create a sound reaching 218 decibels; to put that in perspective, the sound from a jet engine maxes out at 140 decibels! Also, a single snap from the shrimp releases so much energy that the temperature in the surrounding area, for a moment, can reach up to 4700 degrees Celcius, which is approximately the surface temperature of the sun!

The Blobfish

Regarded as one of the most hideous creatures out there, the Blobfish gets its name from the fact that after it is brought to the surface, its body decomposes due to decompression and the fish turns into a round jelly-like creature. It is a deep-sea fish usually found near New Zealand.

The Immortal Jellyfish

Found worldwide in temperate waters, the Immortal Jellyfish is one of the few creatures that can officially "live forever". Once the fish reaches maturity, the organism has a mechanism through which it can again revert to being sexually immature. In simple terms, the fish possess the ability to become young again once it reaches a certain age.

The Gulper Eel

The Gulper Eel is one of the most interesting looking creatures found in the ocean. They are deep-sea creatures found in the Atlantic ocean and can open their jaw wide enough to eat prey way bigger than them.

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