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Why Some People Prefer Wild Pets.

Some people prefer to keep wild animals because of the beauty and cuteness some of them possesses. But the true fact about them is that Wild animals should not be kept as pets because they are very deadly and have no pity when it comes to their stomachs they can destroy anything to get there selves satisfied.

Some of the wild animals that are kept by humans are

1. Lion

Lions are more known as the king of the Jungle because of the

strength they possess. Lion are deep chest body animals which are classified

under the class of Cats. They look so love that some people tends to keep them

as pets.

But in a certain stage they become wild and can kill their

owners. We have many recorded cases that pet lions have kill their owners. So

is not advisable to keep them.

2. Tigers

Tigers are lovely indeed according to their colour patterns.

Some people claims that the skins are very expensive. But tigers are known to

be among the wicked existing wild cats.

They kill whenever they get an opportunity. But some people prefer to keep them as pets.

3. Snakes

Snakes are known to be the dangerous reptiles. There venom are

very toxic which are deadly to human. But people prefer them as pets some of

them are pythons, king cobra and many snake varieties.

But in many incidents pythons have swallowed their pet owners,

cobras have killed many owners and many other snakes.

4. Wolfs

Wolfs are dangerous because when theybite a person they can inflict

deep injury and they are capable of destroy lives of their prey but we have

many risk takers that keep them as dogs because they resemble dogs and they are

older brothers to dog but different species.

Those are some of the wild pets kept by man. But they are lovely

if you tend to find the obedient once.

In your own perspective what do you think is it much better to keep Domestic Pets or Wild Pets drop your answers.

Content created and supplied by: Zamskid (via Opera News )

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