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These photos well show you the common mistakes you have been making, while referring to animals etc.

Most people do mistakes these common mistakes without knowing and without anyone correcting them of their mistakes.

Here I will present some photos that will show you the mistakes you have been making for a long time and found nobody to correct you.

Though I took much time to draft out these photos just for your services I hope it will correct you somewhere.

Check out the photos below.

1) difference between Alligators and crocodiles.

2)difference between Turtle and Tortoise.

3) difference between shrimp and prawn.

4) Difference between pill and tablet.

5) difference between Rabbits and hares

6) difference between husky and malamute.

7) difference between Great Britain and the united kingdom.

8) difference between poison and venomous.

9) difference between possums and opossums

10) difference between cement and concrete.

11) difference between crow and Raven

12) difference between lobster and crayfish.

13) difference between a seal and a sea lion.

14) difference between cupcakes and muffins.

15) difference between Boat and ship

Wow, you are now surprised about the common mistake you make while referring to objects, animals, or places right?

I believe that this article has surely helped you now, if I may ask which number have you been making several mistakes on? As for is number 4.

Please drop your comments below if it has been of help to you.

Please don't forget to like, follow, and share to help others correct their common mistakes.

Content created and supplied by: Peterson01 (via Opera News )

Great Britain Raven Tortoise Turtle Wow


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