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Hundreds Of Bats Drop Dead From Sky In Israel, India As Prophesied In Holy Book

Hundreds of vicious bats have fallen out of their roosts, they all fell dead on the ground as revealed in the photos. The animals have been slumping and residents have been worried about reporting the phenomenon.

In a disturbing video that was shared, already has more than 134,000 viewers on Twitter, the video has stirred controversy on what is to be blamed while many people were blaming the heatwave, asserting that, when bats are open to exuberant heat particularly in the peak summertime period, they die.

Officials announced that a surprising increase in weathers, which made the mercury to soar up to 43°c this week, could likely be responsible for the death of the bats, but they would perform experiments to be sure.

An Officer for the forestry said: "We will compile specimens of dead bats and send them to the lab for testing to confirm the cause of their death.

Afterward, a Veterinary Research academy explained it speculated the bats have died due to brain hemorrhage, usually caused by too much heat.

Bats are a significant factor in the ecosystem with the highest variety of the nocturnal mammals, they feed on insects and they are only functional at night, just like mosquitoes.

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