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Photos Of The Real Black Panther Known As "The Ghost Of The Forest"

When you hear "Black Panther", the first thing that comes to your mind is the popular science fiction movie by Chadwick Boseman. But what does black panther really mean, Is it an actually animal, where is found and what is so special about it? All these questions are answered in this article.

Black Panthers are a species of Leopard with black coloured skin hairs, they are very rare and are mostly found in Asian and African countries. However, black panthers are also found in America, but the species found there are not completely black, they've spotted black skin like that of a leopard.

Generally, back panthers are another species of jaguars and leopards with a rare mutation that makes their hairs or fur to have a deep black colour. In fact, there are also panthers that have albinism which makes their makes their fur to be extremely white and they are called white panthers.

In conclusion, Leopards or jaguars that are albinos are white panthers while black panthers are the ones the ones that have melanism. Here are some notable facts about black panthers:

1) Black panthers are known to be very aggressive and unpredictable, they are very stealth and silent attackers and that is why they are called "The Black Ghost of the Forest".

2) They are very good swimmers and the best tree climbers of the cat family. They can leap up to 25 feet to pounce on their prey which includes monkeys, rabbits, deer, birds and some other middle sized animals.

3) Black panthers have good hearing ability, they have very good eyesight and their jaws are very strong.

4) These animals are very smart, they use their black coloured fur as a camouflage to stalk and attack their prey easily during night hours.

5) Panthers are a kind of solitary animals, they most often travel and hunt alone and only associate during mating season.

6) They can run as fast as 37km/hr, given them enough swiftness to capture their prey.

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