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World Most Profilic Man-Eater 'Crocodile' Has Been Captured. See Photos

World Most Profilic Man-Eater 'Crocodile' Has Been Captured. See Photos  

There are a lot of creatures on earth. We have domestic and wild animals. The wild animals are the ones that lives far from humans, while domestic animals are the ones that are close to humans.

A crocodile was captured by Ugandan wild life officials. The said the crocodile has killed about 100 people on Lake Victoria.

The weight of the killer crocodile was 1 ton. The killer crocodile was captured by 50 men, the same men who are hired to capture it.

So many people have reacted on social media to blame the officials that captured it. According to them, the crocodile don't deserve to be captured and killed, instead of that, it should be kept somewhere it can't reach humans.

It was posted by Africa Facts Zone on instagram handler.

See photos of the killer crocodile below;

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