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6 Strange Animals you will never Believe is Currently Existing - Caught on Camera (Photos)

1. Giant Panda

This image shows a giant panda in the Wang Lang Natural Reserve in Sichuan province, southwestern China. It was captured by a camera trap set up by the World Wildlife Fund and its local partners as part of an effort to obtain footage of endangered species in China.

2.Asiatic Black Bear

Tree-loving Asiatic black bears, like the one shown here, are hunted for their skins, paws and even gall bladders, which are used in certain Asian medical traditions.

3.Leopard Cat

Leopard cats are about the size of domestic cats and they are native to Asia.


These bulky, golden-haired oxen are called takin. They live in China’s high mountain forests and are considered endangered.

5. Wild Boar

A wild boar tramples through the snow in this camera trap image.

6. Golden Pheasant

A brilliantly colored golden pheasant was caught on camera in Wang Lang, Sichuan.

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