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Fiction: How my Daughter lost her Life because of my Dog

Growing up, I had always fantasized about having a big dog of my own. My parents wouldn't allow me get one for myself so I had to wait till I was 23 years old to do so. 

I have always had a special kind of liking to dogs. I loved the way they were almost clueless yet so attentive to the ongoings around them. I watched lots of movies about dogs but it was when I heard of the real life dog-hero who sniffed its way to finding the lost world football trophy that I knew I had to own a dog. I was just thirteen at this time. 

I'm currently a 31 year old widower left with only an 11 year old daughter, a 9 year old Big but cute-looking dog and a good pay job as freelancer. I got my wife pregnant when I was just 21 when I got my late wife pregnant. I remained by her and we both took care of the child. We got married three years later and she took ill and died the next year. 

I have been the sole caretaker of my little girl and atleast I think I have been doing a good job and haven't had any need to another tragic love-elationship since I have my dog. His name is Brook and I got him four years ago.He is the second dog I've ever owned.

Ever since my baby girl turned 7 and was in class-3, we developed a daily routine where I got her back from school, made her lunch, left her with the dog and her neighborhood friends to play while I hung out with a few friends of mine to return before 8pm. While growing up, I was more or less caged by my parents... I didn't want that for my daughter. I just wanted her to grow strong. 

I always came back to find the food I made her, still on the table untouched. She always tells me she had lots to eat at her friend's place and I took little or no offense with that because I cherished her so much.

Fast-forward to three days ago, I came back home as usual, only to find my daughter yelling in immense pain as she was restless on the floor. I quickly rushed her to the hospital where the doctor explained that she was food poisoned. 

She managed to tell me that for the past few years, she had been eating the dog-food meant for my dog and she liked it even though her best friend warned her against it. She said it started when the dog licked her mouth and she tasted the dog-food which has lead to her being unable to resist it. She has been eating this for the past three years.

She died last night! 

I'm totally devastated and empty right now. I have no idea what to do with the dog. Should I have married a new wife for my child? Was I underprotective of her...I can't pull my thoughts or myself together. I've failed my child. 

I'm losing it... I really need help, Please through your comments what should I do with my life now?

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