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Dog lovers: check out 9 photos of beautiful dogs that will melt your heart(photos).

Since I knew myself as a person I've love dogs with passion because they are friends that will always think of you before themselves, and as we know dogs are domestic animals that can be kept at home, and it can also be trained to behave like wild animals.

Dogs as we all know since it existence have been used for so many things which I will be throwing more light on, however they are some dog that really look funny, but in a good way, and they are ones that Will totally capture your heart because of their cuteness.

Studies have shown over the years those children who have pets such as dog, who help in taking care of them grow up to have very high self-esteem. And also these children grow with very good heart of compassion towards other human beings as they already know what it takes to take care of something, love it and wanting to protect it at all costs but if your children are scared of dogs please do not force it on them.

Here are some important benefits of dogs and how to care for them.

* Dogs can be used as pet in our homes, this is because most children love dogs and if properly cared for and vaccinated then children are totally safe around them.

* Dogs are also trained to hunt like wild animals in the bush by hunter.

* Dogs can also be trained to be a detector because of it great sense of smell, it can track something or someone down easily.

* Dogs can be used as security in our homes because they easily get used to people around them, and they are very aggressive towards stranger most, especially people with bad intentions.

Once you have a dog in your house you need to maintain extra hygiene of your house, keep your place clean, take good care of your dogs by bathing them regularly to prevent them from ticks, give them good food, and also take them out for exercise and most importantly always take them to see a veterinary doctor once in a while.

Dogs are great to keep as a companion when it comes to having pets, dogs have proven to be the best and most reliable.

Names of dogs and photos.


2.Australian Shepherd

3. Pomeranian

4. Chow Chow

5. Saluki

6. Maltese

7. Steemit

8. Papillon

9 Akita

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