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Quickly Do these things if a dog tries to attack you.

Do these things quickly if a dog tries to attack you. You have to follow these procedure and also add yours if a dog tries to attack.

It is a daily thing, when we see dogs barking at ua. People count it as normal life, but Dogs can be sometimes be ferocious if we provoke them or we are not on the right track. If you see a dog coming near you, becareful . It might want to harm you. So if a dog tries to attack you, do these things quickly, they might really help you as an individual.

You can actually pick any objects around you like stone, or sand and use it to scare the dog away, this might help.

You can also use any objects you have with you to hit the dog, it could be umbrella, bag, nylon or anything .

You can also use your shoe to hit the dog if it is not far from you , just hit it very well with your sole.

Don't provoke them by pulling off their ears or barking back at them. These will reduce the attacks of the dog.

When a dog is barking, make sure you are not frightened or scared. Don't run away or it will chase you. Just stay calm and be cool as an individual.

If you see the owner of the dog coming, you can call the name of the owner to help you out quickly on the spot to prevent the attack.

If you know the name of the dog, you can call the name to reduce the attacks of the dog.

Dont allow dogs to use their teeth on you, it is dangerous and poisonous to the human system. You have to be careful with them.

If you have any ways , you can drop it in the comment box.

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