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Relationship: Would You Leave Your Partner Because You Had A Fight Over Your Dog?

When couples in love come together officially, they hope that nothing would come between them.

But often, that promise is easier said than done kept, as is the case of this couple we want to talk about in this article, who may likely get separated because of their dog!

*Note: this photograph is not that of the actual couple involved in the saga

According to Mirror Online, an angry man had taken to social media platform, Reddit, to vent his fury.

The disgruntled man said his wife hurt him severely when she lied to him that the dog had run away when in fact, she had taken him to the kennel.

He explained further that when he and his wife got together, he already had the dog, and he loved her (the dog) very much.

But things went topsy-turvy after his wife got pregnant and became worried that the dog, described as aggressive, could hurt her baby.

However, the man insisted that the dog was well trained and posed no threat to anyone. Even so, the woman wasn't comfortable and secretly hatched a plot to get rid of the dog.

She took the dog off to the kennel one day, when the man had gone to work. Then she lied to him, through tears, that the dog just ran off.

*Note: this photograph is not that of the actual couple involved in the saga

At the time, she sounded convincing and he believed her. He said he searched for the dog around the neighborhood for weeks.

Interestingly, this whole episode happened five years ago, but the man only just recently found out what really happened to his beloved dog.

The couple now have three children.

The husband is really outraged and is seeking for advice from people online on what he should do about the situation.

"I'm furious," he says. "I'm honestly mad enough to consider separation if not for the kids and practical reasons."

Hmmm...What would be your candid advice to this man? He really seems upset.

And while we're at that, think about it: what practical or impractical reasons would make you divorce your partner?


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