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Tension In The Animal Kingdom

This a cartoon movie that was shown on live TV in school the cartoon movie was produce by one of the talented student, by name ( Nze. U . Nze ) who try all his efforts to produce the cartoon movie live in the school stage show.



Long time ago when gods descended to talk with men and Squirrels dwelt on land, the animals were living in the land of Aniukwu. Aniukwu was very close to the human kingdom. The animals toiled day and night to provide food for themselves. They carried out their functions through farming. During difficult times, humans engaged them for a paltry sum especially Horses and Cows that could plough the land.

Snake was the breaveet animal in Aniukwu and was even dreaded by the Lion and Leopard. He neither utilized his brevity nor mapped out strategies to protect his fellow animals. He derived joy in intimidating them. The rest of animals could not dare him because of his venom. He spent a substantial part of his time sleeping and never cared to do any work. The animals complied with the instructions he dished out. He further made them to be providing food for him with a nasty threat any animal that dared him and for many years, it continued.

The animals never expected drought but the signs were obvious as the cloud never got sober let alone crying. The land was as hard as granite and feeding become a big problem which the animals found difficult to contend with. They gathered for a meeting and explained to Snake their predicament but he was adamant to their plight. Before the end of the meeting, he spoke.

I don't have arms or legs just like everyone of you, telling me to put an end to my demand means that you hate me and I have no option than to deal with anyone that goes contrary to my demands.

All the animals shivered with fright and Lion was the first to scamper to safety as Snake began to spit.

The meeting ended in communication without any decision by the rest of the animals. Within them, they have already made up their minds not to donate anymore or obey Snake's order.

The famine caused by the drought became tense and the animals resorted to selling water to humans for survival from a very distant stream. Monkey had no problem because she could simply climb the coconut tree and break the coconut and get water. None of animals had such power let alone climbing such height.

One day Mokey came back to her house and cooked for her children. She gave the food while she went out to see a friend. In her absence, Snake invaded the house and tried to make away with the food. One of the children began to struggle with him while the rest ran for their life.

Snake bit him instantly and took the food away. Monkey came back and heard what happened but it was too late. The child died on the way where he could be treated. The animals taxed themselves for the funeral of Monkey's son despite their hardship.

During the funeral of Monkey's child, while some were in a pensive mood, others were clamoring for food. Snake appeared suddenly and there was a lot of disruption. Everyone ran for safety. Snake eat the food reserved for those who came for condolence, and took some to his house. After that incident, Monkey decided to leave Aniukwu town and dwell in the forest. The rest of the animals decided to hold a meeting to find a solution towards the radical activities of Snake because he has become a nuisance. Monkey's presence was sought after because she was a wise animal, but she turned down the invitation. They spent long hours at the deliberation without a permanent solution and the meeting was postponed severally and the animals continued suffering from the fierce attack of Snake.

One dat, the animals decided to meet Monkey and tell her an incredible story that would make her to change her mind Antelope, Dog and Rabbit were selected asrepresentatives. The next day, they set off reciting their stories along the way. Luckily they met Monkey at home and exchanged pleasantries with her although Monkey wondered what was good about the morning.

Has the Snake killed all your children? Are you calling me for a funeral? The Monkey asked.

None of the above, replied the animals in unison.

Something wonderful happened in our town and we have been sent to reveal it to you.

There is nothing the ears have not heard. When my child died, my eyes only spilled tears not blood. So if you are not ready, then I have other things to do.

After speaking to the animals, Monkey turned sharply to leave as she suspected deceit but the animals remained calm.

Well. Dog started. This one will give goose pimples not even tears. Three significant things happened in Aniukwu. The first is that Lion was killed last week by Sheep after a fierce fight. Secondly , Cow gave birth to half human and half animal, the last is the Goat turned to half Fish and half Goat.

After this, the animals rose to leave. Monkey was seriously stupefied and immediately summoned the rest of her children, gave them instructions and left with the animals. Her thoughts became tense as she was going to Aniukwu with the emissaries.

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