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Man Films All Kinds Of Animals Crossing The Log Bridge Near His House, And It’s Mesmerizing!

Wildlife animals are mysterious creatures. It’s not easy to see them, even when we went to the jungle.

But this one man named Robert Bush from Pennsylvania managed to see all kinds of wildlife animals and he’s sharing it with all of us!

As someone who loves a great outdoor, the moment Bush found a log bridge near his house, he knew that was the start of something great.

Without disclosing the exact location of the log for the safety of the animal, Bush started hiding his camera next to the log and started filming – 24 hours, for the whole year.

The camera films day and night, capturing all kinds of animals crossing the river with the log bridge.

Credit: YouTube

Interestingly, oftentimes it’s never the same animal using the log bridge.

Credit: YouTube

A wild bear was captured taking a dip in the river and crossing the log bridge a few times with its cub.

Credit: YouTube

“I love the outdoors and wildlife and I am not anti-hunting.

This page is not about hunting and I will not post any hunting pictures or videos…this page is about wildlife in the mountains of Pennsylvania,” told Bush.

Sharing the footage of the project that he calls ‘Bob’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera’ on YouTube, Bush really did capture tons of different sorts of animals along the way.

Bobcats, deers, raccoons, squirrels, beavers and every animal you can name are there – even birds and rats!

You can see a deer.

Credit: YouTube

Raven on the log.

Credit: YouTube

And more interesting animals!.

Credit: YouTube

“I make $0 from doing this, actually some might say the cost of the cameras and batteries, gas and my time puts me in the negative but being able to hike in the wild mountains of Pennsylvania while collecting the camera cards, taking a little time to share them with all of you and reading about the joy they bring to all of you, and why you all enjoy them is priceless, so in my book that puts me way ahead – thank you all for the positive page we all have created, I will do my best to keep my part!” shared Bush in his Facebook account.

We spot a clumsy bear!

Credit: YouTube

The log seems like a perfect bridge for all kinds of animals.

Credit: YouTube

Bush films at night too!

Credit: YouTube

The footage that he shares is definitely one of a kind, mesmerizing and giving a good time to many people watching it.

You can watch all of the videos on his YouTube page!

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