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Story Time : Crave More, Then Lose What You Have

Crave More; Lose What You Have

Once a lion was roaming in the jungle in search of a prey. Luckily, he saw a rabbit sleeping fast under a tree. He was delighted to get a meal with no efforts at all. The lion was about to spring at the sleeping rabbit when he caught sight of a deer passing by. He thought of going for a bigger prey, as it would be a much nicer meal. So, he chased the deer but failed to overtake it.

He gave up the attempt and returned to the place where the rabbit was sleeping. Reaching there, the lion saw that the small animal was no longer there. As it was getting dark, it was difficult for the lion to look out for another prey and so he had to remain hungry. “I have been served right. Had I contented myself with the rabbit, I would not have starved at least “, murmured the lion.

What we learn from this story is that greed for more causes loss of what one already has.

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