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How My Small Cat Caught And Swallow A Giant Rat (Photos & Video)

Cats are domestic animals that belong to the carnivores category. They are mostly used as pets by humans. Although their are Wild giant cats like lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards etc. Home cat is just a mini structure of those wild cats. 

Rats on the other hand are rodents who are considered as unwanted pests in African countries. Rats are always on lookout for cats as they are their greatest enemies. I still don't Know why these two can never be friends. 

I just woke up this morning and find out that my small cat caught a giant rat. It caught one yesterday ate it whole without leaving a single bone. More like the cat swallowed it all. Today again, he caught another and was able to eat it completely again. 

I've snapped some shots and video the whole eating process. Though I've cut some parts to make the videos short. You can watch the photos and video below.

Watch Video below

What can you say about this guys?

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Giant Rat


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