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Lion Should Step Down As King. This is The New Jungle King

Sometimes you imagine how things started or maybe who started something. It is well known to everyone that the Lion is the king of the jungle but the question is, is the Lion really the king of the jungle? Is the Lion really worth the hype as being the jungle king? Checking by facts, the Lion is not the strongest or the biggest large cat in the world though it is known for its bravery but he is surely not the strongest. Now, maybe the hype is getting too much, maybe the Lion should not be regarded as the king anymore and here are the reasons.

Checking the big cats family, and comparing a Lion to a Jaguar, Jaguars are seen as much more stronger than the Lions. Jaguars bites is twice that of a Lion but yet the Lion is seen as the strongest. Let us not talk about Jaguars and focus on the largest cat in the world. Tigers.

Tigers are seen to be more muscular, heavy in weight, have stronger legs, very much more active and agile than the Lions. Lions are nowhere near the Tigers in terms of aggressiveness. In fact, Lions are seen as lazy animals, get tired easily after a short sprint and will not do anything else until they really have to do. You may now ask, is that the qualities of a supposed king? Tigers are much more a dominant big cat compared to Lions. Can we now see that the Lions get so much hype than what they really are? It is time for the Lion to step down as the king of the jungle and let the Tiger take his rightful throne. Yes, Tigers should be the king and not Lions. They are much more stronger and capable to act as king of the jungle. What are your thoughts on this?

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