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See The Fake Pitbull Dog That Was Sold To Me, It Is 8 Months Old

Cross breeding of dogs has become very rampant, you see different kinds of mixed dogs which makes it difficult to identify pure breeds. Cross breeding of dogs has caused alot of problems for dog breeders, people just cross different dogs together to see the outcome.

The people that suffer from this are those that buy these dogs with huge amounts of money, the sellers deceive people by calling them pedigree dogs or pure breed. Those that do not know much about dogs just ends up buying the fake or mixed breed, because it is hard to tell original from mixed.

A man shared his plight and took to social media, to pour out his anger on the mixed Pitbull dog he bought. Apparently the seller had convinced him that the dog was pure breed, and not mixed breed. As a novice, the man bought the dog and took it home, after 8months the dog is still short.

He had wasted money on buying a mixed breed, the dog actually looks like it was mixed with a chihuahua and pitbull dog. See the pictures of the dog below ;

See pictures of the real or pure breed Pitbull dog below;

Next time if you want to buy a dog, be sure you are being sold the pure breed and not mixed breed, so you don't waste money. Please share this, like, comment and follow me for more.

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