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An Indian couple bought 141,639 square meters of wasteland to raise these tigers for 20 years

An Indian couple spent their life savings, bought 141,639 square meters of wasteland and kept these animals for 20 years. Tigers account for a large proportion of these animals.Aditya Singh, born in a military family, graduated from university

He joined the Indian government's Ministry of Transport. To outsiders, Aditya has a bright future. But the boring work day after day made him begin to doubt life. "Is this really the life I want?" When working, Aditya often remembers the time spent in Ranthambhore.Ranthambore is a famous tiger reserve in India, where about 60 fierce tigers live. This is probably the time to start.

He was deeply attracted by wild animals and has been closely connected with them ever since.While Aditya was depressed, he met Poonam.

The two fell in love and soon they entered a happy marriage. Their wedding anniversary is World Wildlife Day. In order to make this marriage journey more distinctive and meaningful, Aditya took his wife to Ranthambhore for their honeymoon.He will never forget the scene: "The first thing I saw was a tigress with three cubs on the mountain. I think this is really incredible!" "Poonam and I were both fascinated by this place. At the end of the trip, I asked her if we could move here. She said she had the same idea, so we decided to move here."

It was out of love for nature and wildlife that ditya quit his job as a civil servant in India in 1998 and left his luxurious residence in New Delhi to settle in a remote corner of Rajasthan, adjacent to the famous Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.They were soon fascinated by the animals living here, in order to make a living.

Aditya and Poonam started to run a hotel. However, they still want to keep the wild areas in the reserve as natural and quiet as possible. So in nearly 20 years, the couple spent all their savings and bought 35 acres of land around the area to expand the Tiger Reserve from the interference of the surrounding new development projects.To outsiders, their approach is simply incomprehensible, because the land here is often destroyed due to its proximity to the tiger reserve, and crops are not even harvested in serious cases. Over the years, the land has become so barren that farmers are unwilling to work here. They had to ask, "Are the couple stupid?" However, Aditya and Poonam paid no attention to other people's thoughts. After buying the land, they didn't do anything but dig ponds and remove invasive species from time to time. Since then, the land has been allowed to grow freely.In the twinkling of an eye, many years have passed, and no one expected that the originally bare 35 acres had turned into a verdant forest.

Tigers, leopards and wild boars began to walk in this forest from time to time.Today, the 35-acre land is worth 140,000 US dollars, and many people pay a high price, but Aditya refused. As he said, "money is never a factor to consider, it is about my love for nature and wildlife."

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