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This Happened To My Landlady After I Killed This Strange Animal In My House (Fiction)

My name is Joshua but everyone calls me JBoy cause I have this lucky charm of talking to any girl that I like and she'd fall in love with me without so much stress. I'm a guy of 27 years, fair in complexion and I always like to rock my mohawk hairstyle cause it makes me look more handsome. I'm handsome though without that hairstyle. But most girls like the hairstyle and that's the trick I usually use on them.

I'm from Lagos State but just recently moved to Oyo State to start my Masters program. I graduated from the Kwara State University, Malete, Kwara State. I studied mechanical engineering there and I finished in 2015.

Something that hasn't happened to me before in my life happened to me in Oyo State. And that's what I'm about to share with you. Please feel free to share this story with everyone around you and don't go without helping me with a piece of advice in the comment box below.

Continue reading if you want to know the details of what happened.

Getting to Oyo State from Lagos State wasn't easy cause I had to stress myself before I could secure a place that I'd stay. I haven't been to Oyo State before and it was my first time of going there. So when I dropped from the car at the park, I lodged at an hotel which I already searched online. And it wasn't far from University of Ibadan, where I wanted to go through my Postgraduate program.

While I was staying at the hotel, I was looking for a house to stay cause I can't possibly be staying in a hotel till I'll finish my program there. So about a week after, I got a house and I qiuckly packed in and started living my life from there.

The owner of the house was a woman and she just lost her husband some years back. And she's staying alone, so anytime I wasn't going to school, I just go to her house to chat with her a little. We actually joke a lot to the point that she started calling me her little husband.

It went on, and she started cooking for me, guess my lucky charm has started working again. I noticed this and qiuckly reduced the way I go to her house, cause there was no way I'd have dated this woman of 48 years.

One fateful day, I was in my house watching my movie and suddenly I heard a knock on my door, it was actually in the afternoon. So I opened the door and It was my landlady. We exchanged pleasantries and as usual she brought food for me again.

And she insisted we both ate the food together in the same plate. So we did, and she left after about 2 hours of gisting again. And after a week she came again but this time around not with food, she came to explain to me that she'd had been head over heal with me since the first day I came into her house. And she'd like if we can be dating cause she's alone and she's still young too. And she would take good care of me very well, infact I won't have to be paying the house rent again. I told her I can't cause I have a girl that I'm dating and the relationship is a serious one and I'm not ready to lose the relationship. Before I knew it she started begging me to please. I told her to leave my house that I wasn't interested.

The next day came and as I was about to leave the house, I saw I note underneath my foot mat and it was a note from my landlady. In the letter she wrote:

" Dear Joshua my little husband, how have you been? I just wanted to remind you about what we discussed earlier just in case you've changed your mind. And if it's otherwise, then I will show you who I am."

I just threw the note inside a dust bin beside me. Who does this woman want to be threatening? And I went out.

After a week without any response she came to my house to confront me and threaten me again. And this time around I voiced out, and I told her there is nothing she can do to me. Then she left angrily.

The next day as I was watching my movie at night, I noticed something was moving under my chair. Before I could even out on the light, I stepped on the tail of an animal which I couldn't see with my eyes. And when I went to switch on the light, I saw an alligator staring at me. I shouted and called for help, thank God we were able to kill it. Immediately I remembered what my landlady had said earlier and how she'd show me who she really was. I concluded she sent the alligator to me just because I had refused to date her.

And I slept off afraid because that was the first time I'd be seeing a strange animal in my house. The next morning, one of my neighbors came to my house to give me the report that our landlady has been hospitalized cause she didn't sleep in the house overnight. And in the call she said I should please come and see her in the hospital.

Now the big question is:

What should I do?

Should I go to the hospital and hear all what she has to say?

Or I should just leave her and allow her decay in the hospital?

Or should should just leave her house since I already scaped through her evil plan?

Now this is where I need your advice, I'm confused right now. I don't even know what to do.

You can't come this far and leave without commenting and sharing this to your friends. Share this and let me know in the comment box what you think. Thanks for reading!!!

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Joshua Kwara State Lagos State Oyo State University of Ibadan


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