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You Could Go To Prison For Doing These Things

All around the world, people are governed by laws as that is the only thing that separates us from animals. It will interest you to know that breaking any of these laws (even though some are really weird) listed down here could take you to prison.

1. Suspicious Handling of Salmon Fish

In England and Whales, Salmon fishing is a regulated activity and as such under the Salmon Act of 1986, you can be jailed for a maximum of two years if you were caught handling or disposing a Salmon fish that us believed to have been illegally fished.

2. Allowing Chickens to Cross the road.

In Quitman, Georgia, your chickens are not allowed to cross the road as it is enshrined in the law that they must be kept secured and away from the public as they are a source of disturbance. They are not to be seen roaming about. In another town (Gainesville, Georgia) Chickens are to be ate with bare hands and not with cutlery.

3. Changing Light Bulbs.

Until 1998, changing of light bulbs was considered illegal. This was only done if you were a licensed electrician. This occured in Australia's second largest city, Melbourne. It attracted a fine of $200.

4. Farting after 6pm in Florida.

Although this law is not still in effect, farting after 6pm on Thursday was considered illegal in the state of Florida. How did this become a law back then, we do not really know.

5. Not walking your dog 3 times a day.

In Turin, Italy, it is a crime not to walk your pets at least thrice a day. The country is known as the most stringent when it comes to animal handling. How do they know you treat your animals badly? Well, the walls have ears they say. You could be fined up to 500 euros for that.

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