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Snake Slithers Into Grandma’s Bedroom And Bites Her In The Dark While She Sleeps

This sounds like such a nightmare! At her home in Bangkok, Thailand, Kaew Sudsopha, 75, was in deep sleep. Her son, who was sleeping in the other room, had installed a CCTV camera so he could always make sure his older mother was OK. The camera filmed in the middle of the night as Kaew dropped one foot off the bed. Unknown to her, a wild snake had come inside, found her bedroom, and slithered inside. His eyes glowed in the dark. The snake crawled closer and closer until Kaew’s foot was spotted and attacked — sinking her fangs into her skin! Kaew figured she had a bad dream at first… but the pain was so sharp that she leaped out of the bed.

She picked up a flashlight and pointed it toward the floor just as the slithering animal slid directly in front of her!

She ran out of the room and woke her son right away, who was able, amazingly, to save the day by chasing it out of the room and calling animal control.

After rescue workers got to the scene, they found the snake wound up on the toilet seat in the bathroom. They brought it outside and eventually released it into the wilderness.

As for Kaew? Now she’s petrified to sleep in her room. We totally get where she’s coming from!

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