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Meet The Arapaima, The Specie Of Fish That Has Existed For 23 Million Years

The arapaima, or Pirarucu fish, is the largest freshwater fish that has existed for 23 million years. It is one of the oldest living species in the world.

Features of the fish

The arapaima has an antediluvian face and a very big body size, which can scale to a very weird sizes for a freshwater fish. The largest arapaima on record weighed over 440 pounds and measured 15 feet long, but on average the Arapaima fish typically grows up to weigh 200 pounds and 10 feet in length.

Photo credit: Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

They are among one of the largest animal known to human, unlike other animals that has undergone extinction like dinosaurs etc.

The arapaima have a very tough scales that gives it a natural body armor, strong enough to withstand attacks from a group attack of fish like sharks.

In addition to the arapaima and the piranha, more than 3,000 freshwater fish species can be found in the Amazon River and many more are suspected to remain undiscovered.

Their unique breathing ability helps them to breathe outside water for up to 24 hours.

They also make babies during the dry seasons.

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