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Interesting Reason Why Micro Chip are Planted On Dogs In Switzerland

Nwaanyiocha is a Nigerian-Igbo white woman known for her pathological love for the Igbo culture due to marrying an Igbo man.

She is also a social media influencer with her twitter handle known as "Nwaanyiocha".

Recently she disclosed that her dog which is bearing an Igbo name have an European passport which brought some funny reactions.

The fact is that western countries would use their technical power to make sure they keep something in control.

Nwannyiocha shared why all owned dogs in Switzerland are being micro chipped.

According to her, "I forgot to mention yesterday: Before you are allowed to buy a dog in Switzerland you have to attend a training (8 hours) to learn how to treat a dog. Also every dog has a micro chip planted under the skin so he can be identified and brought back to his owner in case he gets lost.

And if you bring your dog along using public transport you have to buy ticket for the dog as well. Ndi ocha.

What do you think about micro chip being planted on dogs?

Content created and supplied by: Yor-vester (via Opera News )

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