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Top 5 most amazing creatures that have helped man in the past

This is also wonderful to tell because in our daily day life scientist and also we human meet some creatures we have never seen before so in this article am going to give a brief note of the creatures that are created by God that looks amazing and they have also help the humans in many activities.

1. The Dogs 🐶

As you can see Dogs have been human friends since the BC and AD of human past, also dogs have been able to know human emotion and they are able to interact positively to human, dogs also helps in detecting hard drugs at checkpoint they also help in criminal activities like the police dog. They have different species of dog bred, like bull dogs, police dog, e.t.c

2. Horse

Horse also have a role to play in the human race in the past when technology was not yet advance, they have been also been a source of transportation this also has help man to stop the use of animal power and move to a well advance level, back in the 1900s when horse rider are refer to as cow boy,but in the present time we still enroll in sport activities that involves the use of horses, game like hockey, horse riding e.t.c

3. Carmel 🐫

Carmel has also played a good role for us as a human, because it has help in the travelling of long distances journey through the dry desert which some animals can do but it is not as fast as the horses, as you can see the horse has it own limit distance of where it can travel when compared to the Carmel when and also Carmel has the ability to go for a long distance journey without drinking water.

4. Dolphins

Dolphins are sea creatures that are also friendly to man, it is also used as a pet, in some countries in order to train people on how to swim, this animal have helped man on ship crashes, it has been a life saver on the sea, in which in some countries if the animal is been killed the person will also face the consequences of their action

5. Elephant 🐘

Elephant is the largest animal on land but not the largest in the world, the elephant also has helped man in some ways some religious countries like India use elephant to welcome there king and queens into the palace if they are in search of who they want to marry.

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