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Which is much cuter between a dog and a goat?

Dogs and goats are considered to be closest to mankind. They could sometimes be shy, aggressive, troublesome or friendly. Nevertheless, they are man's best friend. Dogs and goats are much cuter, while they where young. They jump and play around happily, without a care about the world's problem. They are beautifully and exceptionally created by God. Their docile expression, their behaviours, will pull your heart strings. Their friendliness will make you wish for a cuddle with them. They protect and love unconditionally. They get close to those who show then love and stay away from those who wish to harm them. They understand human beings.

But amongst these two animals which one do you think is much cuter? The Dog or the Goat? Check out their pictures...



Though I may have my opinion, but your own matters a lot... Aren't they the cutiest? But which is more cuter? Share your thought!

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