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Top 10 richest pets in the world including a chicken worth $15 million

Hey there I know why you opened this article is because you want to know about the richest pet's in the world and the chicken who has net worth of 15 million. Okay now let's get started.

5. Gigoo

Worth 15 million

Gigoo, a chicken, had a place with British multi-tycoon distributer Miles Blackwell, who left it $15 million in his will. 

4. Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla, and Luke 

Canines, together worth $30 Million 

Being Oprah Winfrey's pets must have numerous advantages, we expect. One such advantage is the way that she has consented to leave her pooches $30 million in her will, putting them at the fourth spot on the rundown of the world's most extravagant pets. 

3. Olivia Benson 

Feline, worth $97 Million 

Taylor Swift's feline Olivia Benson has showed up in different ads, including Diet Coke and Keds shoes. This Scottish Fold feline merits a cool $97 million. 

2. Grumpy Cat 

Feline, worth $99.5 Million 

A cherished symbol of our age, Grumpy Cat (genuine name Tardar Sauce) is known for her for all time 'crotchety' articulation - a component which has earned her Internet notoriety and an incredible $99 million.

1. Gunther IV 

worth $375 Million 

Beating the rundown of the world's most extravagant pets is Gunther IV, a German Shepherd who is the fortunate beneficiary to the colossal fortune left to his dad, Gunther III, who got it from his human, German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein. With $375 million to his name Gunther IV feasts on steak and caviar and claims various million-dollar homes.

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