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Lion Is Not The King Of The Animals Here Is The Reason Why

Right from beginning of time,it has been established that Lion is the king of the jungle (animals) and this has lead to placing great respect on the Lion species and the establishment of the fact that lion is the strongest animal in the jungle,but i want to bust your bubbles that in fact, there are about seven animals that can kill a lion in a one on one battle.

There are some animals that can kill a or fight off a Lion in one on one fight.

1. Crocodile

This specie of animal lives in water and swamps and they are known to be deadly with there long sharp jaws and teeth's which is capable of biting through any bone in the body can comfortably kill a Lion when you bring the fight into water.


There thick skinned bodies,which are massive has made them a no go for any Lion,with their large and sharp massive teeth,the thick bodies makes them a nightmare for any Lion.

3. Elephant

Elephants are the biggest and largest land animals living and known to mankind now,their Long trunks, and thick bodies makes them a force to reckon with in the jungle.

4. Giraffe

These animals as we know is the tallest living land animal and their strength lies on the fact that they have a powerful kick facilitated by their long legs and necks which is capable of killing a Lion.

5. Tiger

Tigers have been known to exhibit strong strengths and will,and they are fierce and a force to reckon with,a single tiger can kill a lion in a one on one battle.


Rhinos are herbivorous animals and they tend not to be an aggressive animal,but what they lack in aggressiveness, they make up thickness and largeness, they have a very powerful horns which can take out any Lion in a fight.

7.Polar Bear

Polar bears lives and operate mainly in the coldest part of the world,and they have amassed a large powerful body which not only protect them from cold but also gives a unique powerful strength, which makes taking out a single Lion would not be a hard task.

8.Grizzly Bear

Known for being sluggish and lack of speed,let that not confuse you,for what they lack in speed,they make up in strength and one grizzly bear can fight off a Lion.

Lions as the king of animals as established is because they hunt mainly in groups,which makes them a force to reckon with,but that's not withstanding, Lions are powerful animals individually,have you had an encounter with a Lion, let's know your experience in the comment section.




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