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10 Important Things You Should Know About Cat Before Taking One Home

We are in a world where people feel that having animals around is fine, such animals are domestic which are harm free.

Although some of these domestic animals may sometimes cause harm to people and to themselves but still people found them pleasing, A Dog, tropical fish, hamster, rabbit, turtle and cat are all examples of pet

Speaking of cat, they are sometimes called the cutest of pet because a cat can cuddle and sit on people's laps, some people are happy to live with them independently which spends most of its time outside and doesn’t want too much human interaction.

If you are planning to get a cat that will interact with you then it is important to find that type because they aren’t the same, they do have different inherent personality and early experience or even lack of experience which makes it fearful being with people or fine being alone.

Taking care of a cat is another thing, it’s like taking care of a baby, you need to know the do’s and don’t if you want to get one. The following are the things you need to look into before getting a cat.

To care for a Cat you will need to:

1. Spend more time with them (Commitment). Cats can live up to 20 years. If you get a little tabby please understand that this is going to be a relationship that will span a lot of time.

2. Make sure you can afford the cost of any veterinary treatment it may need, You want to keep your cat healthy and one of the best ways is to catch problems before they become a crisis.

3. Keep them in doors in most of the time because they can contract a number of parasites or diseases outdoors. Additionally, the cat might be attacked by other animals that are larger.

4. Provide a clean and comfortable bed

5. Get them fresh Water, water is important for all animals, make sure that it is clean as well as a nice food that will keep them healthy.

6. Groom Your Cat on a Regular Basis. Cats are very fastidious and will spend a lot of time grooming themselves. Brushing the cat will get rid of excess hair and prevent a lot of shedding on your furniture.

7. Leave the Claws On. Declawing a cat takes away its front line defence and is a painful operation for the little kitty. A better alternative is to clip the nails on a periodic basis. You will need to be watchful too because they can harm you with them. 

8. Have a special room for the cat. 

9. Worm regularly and provide treatment for fleas

10. Insure your cat or make sure you can afford the cost of any veterinary treatment it may need

Make sure you know if you are allergic to Cat and if not then you are good to go, they are really fun to be with, they can provide a lot of entertainment and companionship for you. It is mostly said they cat has a mind of its own because they are always extremely loyal to you as its owner.

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