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Why it is good and important for you to own a dog.

Dog is a special animal, to have as an animal to relate with. It is very sensitive, and has the ability to do what human can do and what they cannot do. Not frightening, if you cool with it; there is no other animals, that can perform the duty of a dog in a house. If to compare a cat with it, is not comparable because dog is a clean animals; which normally works the safety of the house, the owner and not easily used for evil purpose. While cat will work otherwise, due that it can easily be used for evil purpose.

Dog has many reasons to make a person have it as a pet. In the safety of a house where the dog dwells. It is very useful in term of security purposes. There is no need of getting yourself alarms device, because once owning a dog, dog will work even better to alarmed you at anytime, any bad thing about to happen. It can tell you if a person dies around you and even tell of how people be living in your environment.

Dog can bring you news of your environment, if you are good in hearing animals voices.

Dog can acts as a hunter: in hunting there is no domestic animals can do this better than a dog. Many people who are familiar to dog, as like human hunters will be able to testify to these.

You can send it to hunt for you, if you need any bush meat as for people that lives in villages areas.

Many more reason to own a dog; It is good to play with, its can also keep a person company. You can't be bored, if you know well, how to play with it.

Dog is most valuable animals on Earth. Owning it, is good.

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