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Reasons why you shouldn't get Wolfdogs as pets

Wolfdogs are dog species that are produced by mating domestic dogs with grey wolves to produce a hybrid. Science has proved that wolves and dogs share common ancestors.

Dogs have much traits of wolves: they growl and bark like wolves. Non-dog persons always mistake Wolfdogs for wolves.

Wolfdogs are majorly own by noble people and celebrities. It is very much rare for a normal individual to own it, because the taming skill is very much high.

According to David Mizejewski, a wildlife expert, on an interview in National Geogphic Wild television Network. He stated that even thou Wolfdogs are amazing and gorgeous, they really don't supposed to be a pet.

He said that sometimes someone can get the best traits of the wild dog but more often enough they could get a Wolfdog that is unhappy, scared of leaving around people which eventually becomes a trait to the little pets in the house and even the people around it.

He further went on to state clearly that wildlife animals are not pets, instead someone should just buy a normal dog - Huskies for example. 

Siberian Husky looks like a wolf but it doesn't possess its traits.

Following are photos of people chilling out with their Wolfdogs.

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