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Powerful Lesson To Learn From Lion, Today, (21/07/2020)

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a Lion or hear about one? Is it its strength? Is it its fierceness and its boldness? Is it is regal, majestic bearing? Or is it its magnificent appearance? Whatever it is you know about the Lion, you will still have to agree that it is a special animal, in fact it is so special that it is referred to as the King of the Jungle (even though it is mostly found in grasslands). The Lion as an animal is one that every leader and aspiring leader should strive to learn from. For that reason we have selected five facts about lions and the lessons you can learn from them.

1. We Must Make Ourselves Heard: You may have good intentions in mind, but if you don’t say them out, nobody will know how noble they are. There are plenty of animals that are bigger and stronger and have more stamina than the Lion, there are animals that are faster, there are animals that are even better hunters, but what makes the Lion arguably the most fearsome animal to walk the earth is its voice, its voice is its reputation. Many of us never met Albert Einstein, but we all have knowledge of him because he had something to say and he said it. Many of us never met people like Adolf Hitler or Mother Theresa of Calcutta, but we know about them because they had statements to make and they made those statements. If you develop your reputation properly, your boldness will increase as well Never make the mistake of believing that your friends, or siblings or neighbours or co-workers should be able to read your mind. Remember what Jesus Christ himself said in (Matthew 7:7) Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find, knocked and it shall opened unto you.

2. Interact With Others So That You Can Get Better: Many people believe that life is a road that must be travelled alone and that the task of leadership is a burden that cannot be shared. While these assertions are true to some extent, we all still have to recognize that there is a reason that we have family members, friends, co-workers, bosses, mentors followers or even employees. They are not just there because they are our blood or they have something to gain from us, they are there to rejoice with us in happy moments, to share sorrows with, to impart knowledge to us and to help us in our travels on the highway of life. One fascinating thing about a pride of lions is that other females are always ready to help a female babysit her cubs when she goes hunting. We should recognize that the reason why the sea is so big is that it has many small rivers, streams, and rivulets feeding it.

3. We Should Set A Life Goal: Lion are born to hunt and rule which makes them struggle for their survival. In the same way, you need to set goals for yourself to survive among the fittest. You need to work hard for those goals and learn the lessons throughout the journey. For you, the motivation would be the purpose you are working towards and it will keep you going through the good and bad times.

4. We Should Try An Embraced The Failure: Being the king of the jungle does not mean a lion never fails. In hunting for its prey, it fails eight out of ten times. But that does not make the lion become depressed and loose hope. Instead, it changes its approach towards making a better hunt every time. The same applies in the human world, you need to embrace your failures and make sure never to repeat them again. You need to evolve and survive by learning though the setbacks in life.

5. We Should Try And Have Courage: Know that your greatest strength is never more than a deep breath away. Don’t ever hesitate to roar down any doubts or fears. 

6. We Should No When To Rest: Even the kings of the savannah make plenty of time to rest and restore each day.

These are Some Lesson We can all learn from a lion, so I want everybody reading this now, should please try an checked where we are wick, and make an adjustment.

Thanks for reading, for any questions you can reach and contact us by comment or dropping your opinions vai the selection box below.

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